Past Life Reading for El Dia de los Muertos

Tarot of the Dead

Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton (click to view card images)

Two weeks ago, doormousey did a past life reading for me with the wonderfully macabre Tarot of the Dead by Monica Knighton. This reading was spot on. I’ve been saving it up for El Dia de los Muertos! (My responses in italics.)

Birth to Childhood (Present Life) – The Tower rx
Present – 4 de Pistolas rx
Future of this Life – 6 de Pistolas rx
Past Life Incantation (Most Relevant to Current Questions/Journey) – 7 de Rollos rx
Future Incantation (Most likely NEXT life) – Rey de Rollos

During your childhood, there was a lot of unexpected illness. It seemed as these failures would never end and like there was nothing provoking them, but they kept coming. You learned to rebuild your life, one little piece at a time.

Check! I was constantly ill for the first 29 years of my life, sometimes with diagnosable diseases, but mostly with unknown malaise. My family doctor eventually gave up and classified me as a hypochondriac (awesome). In 2005 I learned about celiac disease and guess what? Yup, a lifetime of suffering that could have been easily solved with a little bit of taking me seriously. I was also finally diagnosed with chronic depression in 2007 and it has been a process of literally rebuilding my life and identity. An ongoing process.

I feel like right now you are looking to escape. You want to leave where you are permanantly and try something new. You feel like there is something lacking in your life and you keep praying for something to give. The last couple of years have been hard for you.

Check! We are _desperate_ to leave where we live now – our house and this city – because there is very little here for us. No quality of life etc. It is to the point where I am asking for something that will just push us in the right direction, because we can’t figure out how to make it work. The last couple of years have been very hard on both of us (illness for me and The Man).

Travel is a large part of your future. There is a lot of homesickness involved, but you want to move into better waters. I think that traveling, especially near actual water, will always bring a great sense of clarity to you.

Check! The Man and I both want water. I describe the life I want as one of “peaceful momentum”, like waves lapping at the shore. I am an immigrant, so homesickness is a part of my life (although it doesn’t dominate). The place that looks like it would work best for us to move to would take us further away from his family and we would be totally isolated – worse than we are now. Part of the difficulty in making a decision of where to go to.

In a past life, you were a kind of g***y who travelled from place to place. You never set up a home for long and you liked it that way. You have carried that over into this life, but now is your time to actually have a homecoming. I do not think it is coincidence you enjoy all things Dia de los Muertos, because I see a great connection between Latin American and Romany culture with you.

You know what’s funny? This is precisely how I describe my past self! Although I’ve never had regression or reading done, I’ve always said that I was a nomad; actually, that I think it’s in my (genetic) blood. In the movie “Chocolat” there’s a line where the mother tells her daughter that when the North wind blows in, it’s time for them to move again. It gave me chills: I know that feeling. At the same time, I am very invested in finding a space for myself, the perfect place to sit down for a while and be at peace. My homecoming is due, I guess!

A Rrom connection would be interesting to trace. Both sides of my family have a very soft spot for the music and culture. I’ll PM you about South America. (Referring here to La Santa Muerte)

You are preparing in this life for a time when you will actually have your cake and eat it to. These series of lives have revolved around home and building one where you belong. You will come back again and will not struggle as much as you have in the past. Great wealth and material prosperity!

FINALLY! I’ll keep this in mind when the frustration gets too much: you’re doing it for future you… you’re doing it for future you… I don’t even need a triple-layer celebration cake, just something moist and chocolatey (and gluten free) will be enough.

This reading really resonated with me – it was so damn accurate! In light of the reading I did last night (Halloween Guides, to be posted soon), the South American connection has been further strengthened. I found another Past Life Spread today and will be trying a reading for myself tonight or tomorrow. I’m not comfortable contacting the dead, but I can certainly peek into my own history. What mysteries mundanities await?! ;)


5 thoughts on “Past Life Reading for El Dia de los Muertos

  1. erishilton says:

    I ADORE this deck! Want… Want… Want!

    Past life readings or workings fascinate me. I’m always intrigued to see what issues we wrestle with in this life stem from something further back.

    That’s quite a powerful reading…

    I’ve done a little bit of guided meditation for uncovering past life issues, and I have mixed feelings about it. I might need to try a doing a spread instead. I’d never thought of that before.


  2. erishilton says:

    You know how much I love crack… Toss it my way, and I’ll have a looky. I’d be glad to.

    Sometimes it take a second set of third eyes, and all that. :)


  3. submerina says:

    You should see the doozy of a past life I did today! Got some amazing results. I would actually LOVE it if you could have a crack at it to get your interpretation – there are areas where I’m blocked and can’t make sense of it, no matter how many clarifiers I draw. I am willing to beg :)

    If you want to do the same one – it’s on the “spreads” page up there ^


  4. iceclone says:

    Hi! Doormousey did a past life reading to me to and I was amazed by what he told me. He asked me if I have issues with driving cars because it seems like in the past, that’s how I died. And he was right, because I don’t like driving at all. I mean, I can drive but I prefer not to.

    I also discovered this tarot deck from him and that’s why I bought one for myself too. =D


    • submerina says:

      Doormousey has a real knack for pinpointing key elements, which is very impressive considering how unscenic that deck’s minors are. I was very impressed. I love the Tarot of the Dead – it’s so cheerful!


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