Halloween Came Early!

New decks: Metamorphosis, Universal Angelis, Tarot Erotica, Universal Goddess, Spiral Tarot

Mine, all Mine :)

L to R: LS Tarot of Metamorphosis, LS Universal Tarot, Lori Walls Tarot Erotica, LS Universal Goddess Tarot, Spiral Tarot Deck

This little deck is a Weirdo,
This little deck is a Clone,
This little deck has Boy Parts,
This little deck has None,
And this little deck is not at all in keeping with my usual aesthetic, but something about it just… works.

In my family, any excuse is a good excuse to give or receive presents: early birthday, early Christmas, late birthday, late Christmas, the third Tuesday of the month… I got my 21st birthday present on my 18th birthday! Seeing as Halloween (which is equivalent to 5 birthdays and a Christmas all rolled into one) is coming up, as well as El Dia de Los Muertos and 2 significant anniversaries, I had many perfectly good and sane reasons to splurge on a few decks that were looking for a loving home. She said. Not to mention the fact that I’m a New Student of Le Tarot and I need this material if my education is to be well-rounded and complete, yes – ?

The trading/selling forum at Aeclectic Tarot has taunted me for many years with its bounty, so when I saw a thread with several of my “must have!” decks I pounced before it was too late. I wasn’t expecting these until at least 2 weeks from now – they flew all the way from New Zealand – but ta-da! I got them yesterday! Thence proceeded much squealing in delight and doing of the Happy Dance.

In this bundle I also received Understanding the Tarot Court (Columbia Classics) by Mary K. Greer and Tom Little. The Court Cards are fascinating me. I know a lot of people struggle to get a grip on them, but so far I think I’m doing okay. I want to know them inside and out and not just because they appear with such frequency in my own readings. Tarot Elements and Tarot Eon both have excellent articles explaining how to read the Courts and systems for identifying them, but I wanted a reference I could hold in my hands easily and possibly even defile with notes. I shudder to even think of making marks in a book, but it just might happen.

Now to find the time to explore all of these dainties. I can just tell I’m going to gorge myself on tarot and overload my senses. Maybe I can make Learning to Be Mature & Sensible & Patient ™ a part of this process.

Oh, who am I kidding?? Let the orgy begin!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Came Early!

  1. erishilton says:

    Lucky #5! Eris approves!

    I haven’t read with the Spiral in a while… I’ve always liked how the Majors are more mythic, while the minors are a bit more Victorian. It’s gentle and graceful, and I’ve always very read well with it.

    Enjoy the glorious BOUNTY! Huzzah! :)


  2. submerina says:

    Mmmm, bounty. Now that I’ve broken the seal (or Broken the Seal, whichever) I seem to be unstoppable. Have PayPal, will harvest with Erisian abandon! Whenever I see someone bemoaning the lack of Thoth in their life, I giggle with glee because I haz contaktz ;)

    I like the contrast between the Majors and Minors in the Spiral. For me, it marks a line between the different card motivations. Possibility vs. Action. Soul vs. Personality.


  3. iceclone says:

    I like your new decks! I was compelled to buy a new one again… sigh. That tarot erotica is so tasteful… I’ve seen some adult decks and some of them are so vulgar, but this one seems more appropriate.

    The metamorphosis and goddess looks good too.


  4. submerina says:

    The difference between this deck and other erotic decks is the style of the illustrations. They are very, very graphic – there is no teasing or suggesting – but are not offensive (at least to me). I find the Manara or Decamaron a lot more… rude. It’s like the difference between being nude and being naked. Some of the cards are spectacularly beautiful, especially in the Stars (pentacles) suit.

    I’m VERY interested to see how it reads!


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