My Priestess

Priestess Pendant: Brazilian moonstone & drusy quartz by Kate King Jewellery

Priestess Pendant: Brazilian moonstone & drusy quartz by Kate King Jewellery

A couple of months ago I had the joy of meeting Kate King of Kate King Jewellery. We were both vending at an arts festival and on one of my trips around the venue, the sparkling and shinies coming from Kate’s stall sucked me in (if I have an animal guide, I am pretty sure it’s Magpie!) Before I could even ask about Kate’s beautiful jewellery, she launched into a description of my personality, declaring me Wind & Water.

I was instantly intrigued and asked her what system she used. She’s devleoped her own, combining Vedic, Asian & Western mystic traditions for the purpose of matching her jewellery pieces up with the correct wearers. Most of this is based on the elements and the inherent properties of the gemstones she works with. I spent the next 45 minutes receiving very interesting information from Kate and picking through her collection, as she tested me using bio-feedback for each piece. It was wonderful to discover the subtle symbolism Kate incorporates into the silverwork on her pieces, each of which is hand-worked, not cast.

Kate’s assessment of me included a blocked throat chakra (something that is always brought up for me), a closed third eye and a wide-open crown. She wondered if I was psychic, suspecting that an experience at an early age probably caused me to shut down my third eye.  To soothe my throat and strengthen my boundaries, Kate suggested tanzanite and labradorite and amethyst for my third eye. Amethyst. Yuck. I loathe amethyst; it repulses me. She couldn’t believe how strong a reaction I had, but (blind testing) bio-feedback confirmed weakness in conjunction with amethyst. I’m just not ready to see I guess!

It also turns out I am naturally drawn to all the things that weaken me: firey and earthy stones (conflict with my water), naturally black stones (suck up the indigo creative energy) and amber (contain dead energy from the dead things contained within). Typical. Kate was able to match me with several gorgeous tanzanite and labradorite pieces, combined with moonstones, topaz and black pearls. There was a multi-faceted hand-cut tanzanite sphere that I just wanted to keep holding in my hand all day! Somehow I managed to drag myself away without buying anything just yet.

I visited Kate and Mike – her equally lovely husband – several times over the course of the next two days, each time trying on new and wonderful pieces. Somehow there was always something undiscovered that caught my eye, but I was waiting for the piece; the one that would insist on coming home with me. This could easily have become embarrassing, but Kate and Mike are so willingly giving with their time and energy that I was never made to feel like I was wasting their time. There was a constant flow of people to their booth; they are well known and even more well liked on the convention circuit.

The night before the last day, I even dreamed about the jewellery! I envisioned several unique pieces incorporating multiple strand necklaces, gradated colours, symbolism… it became my mission to find that piece! I went to the booth to try on my favourites and make the commitment, but I was still torn between too many and I couldn’t possibly have them all.

Then, a soft-spoken little pendant caught my eye. It wasn’t flashy or brightly coloured, it didn’t have any of the characteristics of my usual aesthetic, but something about it drew me closer. The main stone was a deep brown (brown? I know!) with white ring quartz drusy that reminded me of a windy night sky – it seemed wild and reserved at the same time. The crystals twinkled, rather than sparkled. This was topped by a clear Brazilian moonstone sphere; a scrying ball; the full moon hanging in that wild night sky. I had to try it on; she insisted (I had already anthropomorphised this piece).

Lovely. Beyond lovely. Perfect. Kate tested me on this pendant and not surprisingly, I tested very strongly. She explained the silver bezel, designed to reflect love being given and received, carried on the four winds. There was another pendant with a labradorite spear topped with a black pearls that Kate had selected and I tested strongly with it too; it definitely was more in keeping with my usual taste, but still: the drusy wouldn’t let me go. Finally, Kate got out her pendulum and it proclaimed that the drusy was the one. (For the suspicious: the labradorite pendant was twice the price of the drusy. It would have been in Kate’s best interests to “push” in its favour.)

I call this pendant my Priestess Piece, even though I’m not the “priestess” type. The name just seems right. There is something sacred about it; it seems to contain a piece of the world it mimics. I’ve always been big on jewellery, but nothing has ever felt as alive as this piece does. It has even been remarked on by other people, that I am meant to wear it. It draws people in. I wear it when I read, imbuing the cards with her wild magic. She rests on top of my deck when the cards are asleep. She is both a talisman (to initiate into the mysteries) and an amulet (an object that protects a person from trouble). I found a chain in my collection that would allow this pendant to rest on my chest, right over my thymus. The first time I wore it, it felt like there was a tiny planet hanging between my breasts; not heavy, but dense. Inanimate objects take on the meaning and power we give them and I am glad to give her this Life.

Kate is based in Kelwona, BC, but spends most of the year at various shows and events around North America. She and Mike also travel to Bali each year to source stones, design new pieces and manufacture the silver findings used in their jewellery. The website doesn’t do the jewellery justice: it is far and above more beautiful and enchanting than can be captured in a flat digital image. Purchasing a Kate King original is more than just buying a nice piece of jewellery; it’s an experience that I recommend highly.


4 thoughts on “My Priestess

  1. kate king says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful article on your Priestess. I just realized that I could leave you a message. It is my joy to have met you and I hope your pendant is still filling your vibration with love. We are traveling internationally now bringing our vibratonal gemstones to sacred family around the world. I hope that our paths will come together again. Many blessings of love and light
    Kate King


    • submerina says:

      Can’t believe I only received notice of your comment now (nice work there, WordPress)! I am SO pleased that you continue to have success with your amazing work and are able to share yourself with even more people (lucky them :)) Meeting you that day started a process that has changed my life, _completely_ and I honestly believe you gave me the little *nudge* I needed so badly.

      I do hope our paths cross again, sooner rather than later.


  2. alphasiren says:

    I am stunned to read this. My husband and I were visiting Ashland in a whim today for his birthday. We were walking around shopping. We walked by your store and I was absolutely drawn in. I felt like something was calling me. Weird. “Where are you?” I asked. I found a few things. Then as I was paying for the few things, there she was. The one who was calling me. I asked to see her, a Kate King ring. She fit perfectly. And I had a very intense feeling of energy and love and finally. I’m tripping out now. The sales lady reads to me about her. I’m in love. With a ring??? Anyway, I tried her on twice. It was physically and emotionally painful to leave her there. I’m going to have to call and put her on lay away tomorrow.


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