Create an mp3 Tarot Deck

Ace of Spades - Tarocco Della Musica

Ace of Spades – Tarocco Della Musica

One of my favourite divination games using modern technology is to use the mighty power of the “shuffle” function to answer questions. Most often these are internet quizzes and memes, but the concept translates well for more serious applications. It is completely doable to create a tarot “deck” using songs from your music collection as the “cards”.

I think this is an excellent way to study the 78 cards too. It forces you to really consider the card meanings and search for an appropriate song. The song doesn’t necessarily have to be lyrical either. Soundtracks and instrumental pieces can inspire emotions and evoke strong reactions that can be connected to the effect a particular card has on you, or simply its inherent traits. Many people struggle with the Court cards and relating them to a song can be especially helpful in remembering and understanding their individual “personalities”, after all, most songs are written about people.

Adding reversals to the mix adds an extra layer of challenge. Searching for reversals could be an opportunity to discover music that doesn’t fit your usual taste. You could complicate/enhance the deck even further by working with elemental, colour, astrological and tone associations to completely customise it to your understanding of the tarot. I’m quite excited about the concept just from writing about it – I love a new project!

One of the Cardinal Rules of Teh Intarnets is “somebody else has probably thought of it first… and made a website about it” and this holds true in this case. James Truong has written an article on how to create a musical tarot deck especially for the iPod. The instructions translate to any mp3 player, but the iPod has the option of adding album art to make the deck a combo graphic-music deck.

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