Deck Interview: Truth-Seeker’s Tarot

Although I thought the Truth-Seeker’s deck might have some, um, choice words for me after my initial unhappy response to it, it turns out that it is a deck as kind and open as it looks from the card images.

Even though I am new to reading, I find these cards very easy to interpret intuitively, even the unillustrated pips! I don’t know how good they’ll be in the long run – the images seem a little flat or shallow – but I think this is the perfect deck for my beginner status.

So let’s see what it has to say for itself:


Truth-Seeker's Tarot by Sylvie Daigneault and David Fontana; Duncan Baird, 2008

Truth-Seeker’s Tarot by Sylvie Daigneault and David Fontana; Duncan Baird, 2008

[1] What is your core nature?
The World

First impressions: enlightenment, truth, wholeness, harmony, balance, unity, dawn, fusing, window, stepping through, gentle strength, culmination, perfection, Sophia

LWB says: supreme symbol of unity & wholeness, laurel wreath of victory, self-transformation: individual is the symbol of the whole, all-embracing enlightened self, completion & infinity: end of one journey = beginning of another, knowledge & understanding of true self

And?: This deck lives up to its name! And it appears I do have the correct deck for this mission after all. I am looking to put the pieces of me together and be Whole and TST is all over that hot enlightenment action. I also get a real sense of warmth and kindness from this card, without it being sickly sweet. The TST says, “Come, I’ll show you the view out there and how to be free.”

[2] What is your greatest strength?
Wheel of Fortune

First impressions: movement, inertia, balance, momentum, regal, impartial, just, playful, relatable, inscrutable/unknown (Sphinx), centering, kick-start, constant exchange

LWB says: movement & change, instinct (monkey) & intelligence (hare) governed by spiritual wisdom (Sphinx), questioning meaning of life = opportunity to step of Wheel of Fate and become master of own destiny through discovery of true nature

And?: I need a kick in the butt – or rather, a not-so-gentle shove in the right direction – to get moving again; to get off the wheel, indeed. I am being pro-active in searching for my true Self and the TST will help with this. The pairing of The World and The Wheel is incredibly positive; they share a similar purpose and outcome. The WoF is about doing the work to get to The World. Yes!

[3] What is your greatest weakness?
2 of Wands

First impressions: symmetrical, balanced, cauldron of ideas, forcing confrontation, compromise necessary, eruption, new growth, rocky terrain, hot & dry, oppressive, something simmering below the surface

LWB says: 2 = opportunity for diversity & creation, potential for conflict of ideas, conflict not necessarily destructive if motivating desires are positive, beware of “either-or” thinking instead of “both-and”

And?: I had to ask this, in the interest of fairness, but it is confusing. Possibly I will have to face some nasty truths about myself? Confront the monster in the closet (and under the bed and behind the door and…)? Will the TST hold a mirror up and force my conscious and subconscious to confront each other, regardless of how painful this might be? I need to remember that there are shades of grey; that both have value and purpose. One is not better that the other because I choose for it to be so. Hmm, yes, there will be internal conflict. I have a lot of Shadows I’m not too fond of, but I come to this in earnestness and with a real desire for improvement which should make the process slightly less painful.

[4] How are we going to work together?
3 of Wands

First impressions: lots of new growth, trinity, evolution/enlightenment, strength, solid, noble, background less obvious, everything points upwards

LWB says: 3 symbolises Creation manifested, wands = the initial creative cause (Brahma), the soul, self-reflection to unlock deeper insight

And?: 2 becomes 3… if I can work through the pain, there are great rewards to be had. I see this card as the background to the WoF – or, the WoF as a symbol for the process of the 3 of Wands – and The World manifest as the Soul in its enlightened form. I read this card as a combination of the 3 before it, a summary of what the TST and I will be doing together.

[5] What can I do to better work with you?
Princess of Swords

First impressions: warrior, halo, pointing to earth, crosses, desert with lushness, fins? wings?, ready to do battle but not aggressive, purity, strength, Joan of Arc

LWB says: young & beautiful aspect of female archetype, source of intuitive wisdom & creative genius, elusive & provocative, accessible & hidden, trickster archetype – recognize our own tendency for unnecessary secrecy & deception, always forgiven, inner youthfulness, Swords can wound but cut through falsehood & pretense

And?: Instinctive thought? Strip down to only what’s necessary and cut the shit. Be the warrior I am internally and learn to trust myself, my intuition as more than just “stuff I make up”. No more lying to myself or hiding from the bits I don’t like – arm myself, but don’t go in guns blazing. Approach with calmness and in the spirit of peace and don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable. Anything less than honesty and openness is an act of war.

I feel very strongly that I am being shown the Princess of Swords as the purest form of Me. There’s something about this image that really clicks with me. Maybe because I am such an intellectual (Mercury in Gemini), even though I am naturally “watery” (Sun in Cancer) as well. I see fins in the halo behind her, so she is a blend of wind and water (using the modern assignation of suit elements. Although this deck aligns wands with air and swords with fire in keeping with the antique traditions, I just don’t feel that from these cards… we’ll see) in their most harmonious form. She looks ascendant, like a saint or boddhisatva.

[6] What is your initial message to me?
7 of Pentacles

First impressions: Garden of Eden, peace, serenity, Thou Art With Me, retreat, nature, beauty, sublime, restful, safe, wholeness

LWB says: 7 is connected to the profound, imagination, dreams, openness to hidden realities, hidden side of human nature we often do not know we possess, Pentacles represent knowledge/secret potential that is hidden

And?: Another summary card, I think, this time showing the potential outcome should this work be completed successfully. This is such a beautiful card, I want to dive into it! Another phrase that is coming to mind is “Keys to the Kingdom”. Given that Pentacles are earth and 7 is spirit, this is an interesting combination. I see peace between the physical and the spiritual; literally “peace on earth”. I welcome that possibility.


Closing Thoughts

A very positive reading! Sad thing is, one of the first thoughts to cross my mind after is: “You’re just reading into it what you want to”. There’s that voice, the one that constantly calls my intuition into question. It is hard living inside a mind that is 50% pure logic and 50% pure whimsy. So hard. I deny myself so much because Logic wins 98% of the time. It is a bully and Whimsy can’t fight back. My throat is tight as I type this and my eyes are hot with threatening tears.

But I want resolution; I want to cultivate that beautiful, tranquil garden inside me.

Logic has had enough time hogging the light centre stage.
I believe it is time to buy Whimsy a pretty new dress and take her to the park.


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