My Little Tarot Deck

After years of reading about tarot and countless hours spent humming and haa-ing over decks on the internet, I finally – finally – have my first tarot deck: The Truth-Seeker’s Tarot, by David Fontana.

What’s most amazing about this is that it was completely unknown to me when I bought it.

I went to my local Esoterique & Whatnotte yearly expo, fully intending to not leave until I found a deck. I thought the largest new age etc. store in the city would be there, but they weren’t, so it was very nearly a fruitless mission. The one stall that was selling decks and books had a small selection and the Truth-Seeker’s jumped out at me. The name had a lot to do with it and the golden accents pretty much sealed the deal (I am a sucker for the shiny).

The cards shown on the box looked pretty enough: coloured pencil drawings with a high amount of detail (and gilt!), done in Rider-Waite style. Although I loathe (loooooaaaaathe) the traditional Rider-Waite cards, I realise that most books are written for this system and it would probably be easier for me to learn and practise with a well-documented deck. The vendor wouldn’t let me view the cards, but assured me it was a RWC. However, when I excitedly tore into the box on the way home…

Oh no! Non-scenic Pips :(

I was so disappointed and wished I’d opened the box before leaving the venue. The brick & mortar store I bought the cards from is way on the other side of town, at least a 2 hour trip by bus. Ugh. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it wasn’t worth the trip vs. the cost of the deck to return them and maybe I was being too hasty in my decision to toss the deck aside. After all:

  • I had gone to the expo to buy a deck and put an end to the fruitless dreaming of “one day”.
  • I found a deck (or it found me) and I bought it, hence mission accomplished and we can all go home happy.
  • It is called the “Truth-Seeker’s” and Truth and the Seeking of Such ranks very high on my personal value list.


So for now, I am calling a truce.
I have set the cards aside and will look at them tomorrow when I have more time. I think I’ll do a deck interview first, see what the cards have to say for themselves. Hopefully they aren’t as quick to judge me as I was with them!


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